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This links to an amazing story of a young man from our church who is a great inspiration for me in my journey to get healthy.  Actually, it’s not just Johnny, it’s his entire amazing family.  They are all an inspiration as far as I’m concerned.

Last Sunday our parish priest talked about Johnny and how inspirational he is.  Fr. Mark was there walking with Johnny, sometimes helping to steady his walker.  Fr. Mark noted that whenever Johnny looked down, he walked slower and it was more difficult.  When he looked up and saw the people cheering him on and the finish line, he walked faster and it was easier.  That’s a reminder to all of us to keep our eyes on the goal for whatever it is we are trying to achieve. To me it’s two things.  It’s essential in my faith life, but also to me it means I need to keep my eyes on the goal in terms of health and fitness, especially weight loss.

I need to see and think about what is coming, i.e. feeling better, being more active, looking better. I feel like I am happier in general because my nutritional needs are met and that contributes to good mental health and feeling better. I’ve discovered that I can be disciplined and I can make good choices.  As I lose weight (59.8 pounds) and get closer to my goal, it’s getting harder to lose them so it’s even more critical that I keep my head up and keep pressing onward.   Thanks for the inspiration Johnny!


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