I call these pizzatini’s because they are like little mini pizzas without the crust!  They are high protein, low-carb, which I LOVE!  They are pictured here with a pot of chili I had on.



Use a muffin tin.  I use some cool parchment paper muffin cups to make it easier to clean up.  I find them at the family fare in Grand Rapids.  Basically, I just look for “parchment paper” cups in where the baking supplies are.

Layer in cheese, pepperoni, ham, etc.  I put 1 tsp. low carb pizza sauce in.  That’s right 1 tsp.  That keeps the carbs low and the protein high.  Just fill your muffin cup up!  I like to put pizza magic (topping I find in the store) on top before baking!

Bake at 375 degrees for about 15 minutes.  Let cool and enjoy!  Makes a great high protein snack without making want the crust!  (my kryptonite!)


Jane White


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