On and On I go

It’s been over a year now since I started my Project Transform Jane.  I’m down 61 pounds now.  I’ve been stuck for about 6 weeks on the same pound but looks like it’s finally busted loose!  I wish someone could give me a great explanation of why we stall at the same pound for so long when losing weight.  I’ve heard it’s because your body gets used to the foods it’s eating, the calories it’s getting, and just adjusts your metabolism to match.  Either way, when it happens, I just look for ways to shake it up and get it moving again.

What I’m loving right now on my journey to get healthy is how easy it is right now.  I’ve gotten really good at planning and executing so I have the foods I like, that are healthy, on hand.  That way I don’t go off the deep end and eat a bunch of bad junk! I feel great and I’m getting used to the new me.  So fun to do things and shock people with how much I’ve lost. The bigger shock for people is that I’m keeping it off.  I think people are expecting me to go berserk and add it back!  I’ve changed my ways though and I’m hoping it’s for good!

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