Like a tree I fell

Thought it would be fun to repost this blog post from 2012 when I was just getting started on my weight loss journey!  Feels like so long ago!

I was so excited to bike again tonight but it lost a little of its appeal when we encountered some hills. They weren’t even big hills but they were so hard! I could feel my legs burning as we were going up them. I’m still learning how to shift the gears and when to do it. We were going up a hill and I was just a few feet from the top and I couldn’t pedal anymore, was out of energy. Like a tree falling slowly, down I went. Mostly I was trying not to break my new bike so I tried to fall carefully! I fell on the grass and was not hurt at all and when I thought about how silly I looked I burst out laughing! Karen took some photos, of course! We had a great workout anyway! Looking at this photos really makes me sure I need to keep going!

The agony of defeat, LOL


Checking my bike after the slow fall
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