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This quote is so amazing.  I found it on facebook this morning.  This is so true of me and the journey I have been on to get healthy.   It totally describes my life of eating.  I remember the year I gained the most weight.  It was between 8th and 9th grade.  In 8th grade the big joke was that I was so small the other kids could push me into a locker and shut it.  That was terrifying.  So in the summer before 9th grade, I ate.  I pretty much ate crackers the whole summer.  I have a memory of standing on the kitchen counter looking for them up in the cupboards.  I also ate brown sugar mixed with oatmeal (no water) with some walnuts dumped in.  I remember feeling famished and like I couldn’t get enough to eat.  When I went back to school in the fall, I remember having to wear a jacket all the time because I was so embarrassed at my size and it sort of helped cover it up.  But, the kids couldn’t push me into a locker now and I was happy about that.

After that, I just kept snacking and eating wrong.  I did it for all kinds of reasons I’m sure.  I don’t enough know or remember most of them, just that it became a habit and the way I handled life.  After I married and had kids, just the stress of having kids was enough to make me eat foods that were (thinking back to what they were) high in carbs.  We ate a lot of pasta and bread because they stretched far and fed us, plus fit into the budget.  Occasionally I would try Weight Watchers or Medical Weight Loss, trying to deal with the weight I was accumulating.  Everything was “eat lowfat” so I tried making all kinds of foods and recipes that were lowfat.  Those helped a bit, but as soon as I stopped the weight came back. Plus, it tasted kinda gross. It was also a relief to stop watching my weight, because it was easier to just eat and not pay attention to how I was feeling or what was happening.  Let’s face it, the wrong food is cheaper and tastes better!  Or so I thought! Over the years, I just got bigger and bigger, felt worse and worse but thought of it as my new normal.  I remember telling my neighbor while we were out for a walk one day that I wasn’t going to fight it anymore, that I just needed to relax and realize it’s me and I’ll always be this weigh (pun intended).

Then one day, when I arrived at work, there was a flyer under my door advertising a nutrition club.   It said they were having a nutrition class and weight loss challenge.  The place was nearby so I decided to go over there and see what it was all about.  That’s when I met Cheryl Wisdom.  Best day ever!  She encouraged me to come to the class.  She is a great teacher and I could totally understand what she taught.  That was almost four years ago now and I’m so happy I did.  For three years, I took the same class over and over, losing a little weight each time and learning more and more about what food does when it enters your body.  I just kept being drawn back to listen again, each time learning more and more.  A year ago, while taking the class yet again, something inside me clicked and I decided to really invest myself and follow everything they were teaching.  I’m so glad I did.  As I write this, I’m down 60.3 pounds.  That’s my lowest yet!  Not just that, I have never felt better.  I have not just learned how to eat to be healthy, I’ve learned so much more about myself and why I over-ate!  I’ve lost so much weight and I’ve lost the addiction to the carbs – finally!

The most exciting part is I’m helping others now.  I’m have a group of folks that have allowed me to coach them.  I’m teaching them what I’ve learned and helping them to see that they do have the power within them to make changes to impact their weight!  As I’m helping them, their kindness and care for me is so great and I’m so thankful for this opportunity!

I can’t wait to see what the future holds!   I plan to do just what step V says above, I’m walking down another street!

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