Like a tree I fell

Thought it would be fun to repost this blog post from 2012 when I was just getting started on my weight loss journey!  Feels like so long ago! I was so excited to bike again tonight but it lost a little of its appeal when we encountered some hills. They weren’t even big hills but […]

and then it happened

I was at a party today and saw people I had not seen in a while.  Everyone was commenting that Dan and I look so good.  Between us we have lost 118 pounds.  It was fun hearing the comments and having everyone ask how we did it.  I love to tell the story.  A couple […]

Unbelievably inspiring!   This links to an amazing story of a young man from our church who is a great inspiration for me in my journey to get healthy.  Actually, it’s not just Johnny, it’s his entire amazing family.  They are all an inspiration as far as I’m concerned. Last Sunday our parish priest talked about […]