and then it happened

I was at a party today and saw people I had not seen in a while.  Everyone was commenting that Dan and I look so good.  Between us we have lost 118 pounds.  It was fun hearing the comments and having everyone ask how we did it.  I love to tell the story.  A couple of people told me I look like my mom.  That was great to hear because her side of the family is more slender and all I’ve ever heard is that I take after my dad’s side of the family and I’ll be overweight just like him.

Then it happened.  A family member at the party at the table I was sitting at said, “You’ll never keep it off.  People never do.  You’re not that strong.  You’ll gain it back even if you eat right.  It always comes back.  It always does.”  I was speechless.  I told her I wanted to be in the 2% that have lost weight and kept it off and I’m working hard to make that happen.  She said, “Don’t bother, you can’t do it.”  I’m not sure if she said the actual words, “You’re like your dad’s side of the family”, or if they just replayed in my mind like the hundreds of times before.

On the way home, I was talking to my husband about this experience and replaying it in my mind, thinking about what she said.  The old Jane would have probably heard all that, shrugged and had a piece of cake.  But I’m not that person anymore!  I’m using this as a personal challenge.  I’ll plan to show her that I can and WILL keep it off.  I plan to show her that I’ve made lifestyle changes, not just had willpower!  I’ll show her!

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